Alessandro Verra

Professor of Mathemathics
Dipartimento di Matematica
Università Roma Tre
Largo San Leonardo Murialdo
I-00146 Roma, Italy
  • Phone: +39-06-57338219
  • Fax: 39-06-57338072
  • email: verra [no spam] at

  • Research interest: Algebraic Geometry.

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    Research Activities

    Invited speakers at the following international conference
    Groups and Algebraic Geometry,Erlangen 26-30 aprile 2011
    Perspective on algebraic geometry Levico terme, 2010.
    After Carnival, an Algebraic Geometry party in Turin. Torino, 2010.
    Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry, Oberwolfach, Germania, 2010.
    Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Related to Moduli Spaces, Tokyo, 2009.
    Current Geometry 2009, Vietri, 2009.
    Geometrical and Combinatorial aspects of Commutative Algebra, Villafranca Tirrena, 2009.
    Moduli, Berlino, 2009.
    School and Workshop on the Geometry of Algebraic Stacks, Trento, 2008.
    NDSAG-2008 Nord Deutsche Seminar in Algebraische Geometrie, 2008.
    Commemorazione di Ugo Morin, Trieste, 2008
    DAGFO-2008 D-Modules, Algebraic Geometry and Foliations, Buenos Aires, 2008
    Conference on Moduli spaces, Coventry, 2008
    Algebraic Geometry in Higher Dimensions,Levico Terme, 2007.
    Curves, abelian varieties and their interactions, Athens, Georgia, USA, 2007.
    Workshop on commutative algebra, algebraic geometry and applications to different fields, Piraino (Messina), 2007.
    Giornata di Geometria 2007, Pavia, 2007.
    AgaFe 2005, Ferrara, 2005.
    Current Geometry 2005, Napoli, 2005.
    Komplexe Algebraische Geometrie, Oberwolfach, 2005
    British Mathematical Colloquium, special Session 'Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry', Liverpool, 2004.
    Projective varieties with unexpected properties, Siena, 2004.
    Korea-Japan Conference on Algebraic Geometry, Seoul, 2004
    XVII Congresso UMI, Milano, 2003.
    Joint meeting UMI-AMS, Pisa, 2002.
    Global Geometry of Algebraic Varieties, Madrid, 2002.